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Today is World Refugee Day. The UN says world population is 7.349 billion with currently 65.3 million refugees. That is the highest ever number of refugees in the world, defined as people forced from their homes due to dictatorship, conflict & persecution. 65.3 million is plus or minus the population of Britain, or of France.

That is 1 out of every 113 people are refugees in our world today.

There were 5.8 million newly displaced refugees in 2015.

This is an unprecedented global displacement crisis, with growing compassion fatigue & resistance in receiving nations. it is a massive test of the collective global good will to work together for human interest and common wellbeing.

2000 years ago, after a long journey on foot there was no room at the Inn for Jesus of Nazareth to be born. He was born in a cave-stable with animals. Then his parents had to flee with him to Egypt. Jesus was a rejected refugee. And thus he has mercy on all refugees, and by God’s grace so should we.