Matthew Series (Matt 1) – Lineage of Jesus


Matthew claims Jesus is the promised Messiah, ‘the son of David’, born ‘by the Holy Spirit’, making Jesus fully God and fully man – so central to the Christian faith!

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From the outset (Matt 1:1) Matthew claims that Jesus is the promised Messiah, ‘the son of David’. This is seen in His genealogy and by the way in which He was born. The virgin birth (Matt 1:18,20) ‘by the Holy Spirit’ is so central to the Christian faith! This makes Jesus both fully God and fully man at the same time, and therefore He is Jesus (Yeshua or Joshua, ‘the Lord saves’) Christ (Messiah, ‘the Anointed One’)!

Roots or Genealogy Of Jesus The Messiah (Matt 1:1-17)

  • Purpose of genealogies: to establish identity in social status, legality etc.
  • Jesus’ Jewish Messianic line: Abraham to David to Joseph (legal / royal line)
  • Jesus’ inclusive Gentile/sinner line: (Matt 1:5,6) mention of the women shows the Messiah embodies all people’s pain and His salvation is for all nations
  • Fully Messiah: (Matt 1:16,17) the male line stops: born of Mary; ‘number perfect’!

Application for Us Today

Our roots in Messiah: natural lineage is meaningless in eternal affairs (Phil 3:4-11). We need new birth from a new life- line, in Christ (Jn 1:11-13, 3:3-6)—gives us new identity/ belonging etc. Also, Jesus heals us from all sin and its effects, pain, curses, spiritual ties and strongholds etc. present in our blood-line, Deut 5:8-10

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