Dream Interpretation (6 teachings MP3 set)


Six talks of Alexander Venter’s discussing the importance of dreams and to interpret them from a Christian perspective, as a means of personal growth, healing and spirituality

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Are dreams important? Have you wondered about your own dreams and tried to understand them? Would you like to interpret dreams—yours and others? Alexander addresses this interesting topic in six talks presented at a ‘Dreams Conference’. The world of dreams is not commonly understood and we are the poorer for it. Learning to work with your dreams is like exploring a mine rich with all sorts of jewels and gifts from God. Dreams are a profound source of self-understanding, healing, personal growth and spirituality. God uses dreams and visions to communicate with us, but we have to learn their symbolic language (of interpretation) to benefit from them. In developing a Christian approach to interpreting dreams, Alexander looks at the Biblical background of dreams and interpretation; understandings from psychology and sleep research; the nature, types and purpose of dreams; the world of symbols and principles of interpretation; and a step-by-step method of interpretation


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