Bundle of ‘Doing Healing’ Teachings


A bundle of ‘ Doing Healing’ teachings, a comprehensive discussion on sickness and healing from a Christian perspective. It covers Alexander Venter’s personal journey in healing, the biblical theology of the Kingdom as the basis for healing ministry, and how to practice wholistic healing in six basic dimensions: spiritual, psycho-emotional, demonizations, physical, relational, and death/dying


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Humanity is in a life and death battle with sickness. Billions of dollars are spent annually in the health industry. In Doing Healing Alexander gives us an awesome vision of God’s healing power by sharing his own story of brokenness and healing, and addressing incisively and provocatively the questions of: 1) how we understand sickness and healing, 2) how our view of reality affects this understanding, 3) what the Bible says about it (a Kingdom of God theology of healing), 4) how Jesus healed people, and 5) how he authorised and empowered the church to heal. Alexander then gives the practical ‘how to’ – both to receive healing personally and to minister healing to others as a follower of Jesus – in the six basic dimensions of human sickness: spiritual, psycho-emotional, demonic, physical, relational, and death and dying. There are three appendices with all the biblical references to healing in the Old Testament, in Jesus’ ministry, and the early church, and one important appendix on Gnosticism and Healing