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Forming (in) Community: Practicing Servant Gifts (2)

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Recap on Servant Gifts (1): I made three basic points regarding the practice of servant gifts to form – and be formed in – Jesus’ community: 1) The local church is Christ’s Body, that operates organically by spiritual gifts (charisma, “enabling graces”) given through each member. 2) The right motivation (heart) and context (attitude) for the operation of the gifts is servanthood. The gifts are service (“ministry”) in Jesus’ name to one another; thus we speak of servant gifts. 3) The model of servanthood is Jesus, the Servant of YHWH who, in his service, suffers our sin and brokenness in love, to cleanse, enfold and heal us into his life and community (as he dramatically enacted in John 13).

Peter summarises this well: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Pet 4:10). God’s graces fall into two categories: supernatural gifts (by direct Spirit inspiration) and natural talents (by birth and training). Both are spiritual gifts because they are all God-given. The challenge is: are we faithful stewards of God’s multiple enabling graces, that come through each other in all their rich diverse forms, to heal and grow us to maturity in Christ?

Paul on Servant Gifts in the Body of Christ (1 Cor 12:1-31)

Paul gives specific teaching on spiritual gifts in 1 Cor 12 (“manifestation gifts”, written in 54 AD), Rom 12:1-8 (“motivational gifts”, in 57 AD), and Eph 4:7-12 (“ministry-gifts”, in 60 AD). I examine each of these passages in that order to reflect Paul’s developing thinking.

The context of 1 Cor 12 is Paul’s teaching on public worship services – when the church gathers together (see 11:33, 14:26) – from chapter 10 to 14. It’s essentially about the local Body of Christ functioning organically in relational harmony through spiritual gifts. Continue reading Forming (in) Community: Practicing Servant Gifts (2)

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“Come Holy Spirit!” Report on Today’s Pentecost Service

We had a wonderful experience of the Spirit’s outpouring in this morning’s service at Following Jesus. Many were touched by God in various ways, some filled or baptized with the Spirit for the first time – especially our young people – while some reported to me that they didn’t feel anything consciously happening, despite having hands laid on them.

I’ve been teaching a series on Being the Beloved – A Year of Spiritual Formation, and had planned to do the next teaching today on the discipline of the Word. But during last week three ‘indicators’ came to me from different people: I should put aside my planned teaching and focus the meeting on Pentecost – receiving a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit. I decided it was the Lord, so I tweeted it and also sent email to our church encouraging everyone to come prayed up and prepared to celebrate Pentecost. The responses I got were interesting and instructive. Continue reading “Come Holy Spirit!” Report on Today’s Pentecost Service