Fire in the Belly—Men’s Talks (6 teachings Flash Movies)


Six talks about men’s issues, presented at a men’s retreat. They discuss the kind of man God wants men to become in the world today in terms of masculinity, sexuality, spirituality, work, money, friends and mentors

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Alexander presents six teachings on masculinity: to become the kind of man God wants men to be. He begins with an overview of men’s issues and the love of God the Father as the ultimate source of healing broken masculinity. Then he explains the current crisis in masculinity and lays out a biblical understanding of what it means to be male, to be a ‘real’ man. The third talk is on fathers and sons—healing the wound of the father (and the mother); which leads on to male sexuality and masculine spirituality—a blunt man-to-man talk on the deepest personal issues. The last two talks deal with the issue of vocation and occupation (meaning and purpose in work and money), and male friends and mentors and men’s groups, for healing and growth as men


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