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Following Jesus by Practicing Holy Spirit Administration – Part Two

Recap: Prayer and Holy Spirit Administration (Intimacy)

Prayer and the Holy Spirit – his indwelling leading and administration – is a seamless garment. The Spirit helps us in both “closet prayer” as in Matt 6:6f, and in “continual prayer” as in 1Thess 5:17. This is the right and left foot of walking with Jesus day by day. The practice of Spirit administration is both modes of prayer, though I focus here on cultivating ceaseless prayer as a primary means of becoming conscious of the Spirit’s movements and ministry moment by moment – to be led by the Spirit.

How do we practice the Spirit’s presence and administration?

Paul’s amazing view of prayer is to listen and enter and participate in the Trinitarian dialogue by the Spirit (Rom 8:26-27). The Spirit helps us as we pray by praying in us – interceding, even groaning – showing us what to pray, how to pray for it as per God’s mind and will. In so doing we enter the intercessions of Jesus at the Father’s side (Rom 8:34), our high priest who ever lives to pray for us (Heb 7:24-25). So, practically 1): Ask the Spirit for help in prayer, what or who to pray for, and how to pray, being assured that as we pray according to God’s will he will answer (1 John 5:14-15).

This is praying “in the name of Jesus”, in his authority and will (John 14:12-14), and “praying in the Spirit” (Eph 6:18), the Spirit leading and praying in us as per God’s will. Paul says the Spirit reveals to us God’s thoughts, the deep things in God’s heart and mind, so that “we have the mind of Christ” (1Cor 2:9-16). So, practically 2): Learn to listen; cultivate intimate sensitivity and implicit obedience to the Spirit, to spiritually discern the mind of Christ in all things, to be led by the Spirit. Then Christ’s Headship over us communicates his mind and will in and through us by his indwelling Holy Spirit – the Autonomic Nervous System in the Body of Christ. Continue reading Following Jesus by Practicing Holy Spirit Administration – Part Two

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Following Jesus by the Practice of Prayer – Part One

Our vision is to become like Christ, to be “The Beloved” we already are in Christ.
Our highest value in pursuing this vision is to follow Jesus in relational intimacy.
We do this by engaging in daily practices that are “means of grace” in our spiritual (trans)formation toward Christlikeness. These spiritual exercises should not be a burden, rather a joyful means of spending focused time with the Lover of our soul.
We all need mutual support and accountability in two’s/three’s friendships to help us in this life journey: Do you meet regularly to ask the 5 questions of the circled-triangle?

To live our highest value of following Jesus in relational intimacy we practice…
The Word: we imbibe/meditate on God’s Self-revelation – the Way, The Truth, The Life.
Worship: our response to this God is surrender in acts of adoration and a life of service.
Prayer: this naturally leads to growing relationship with God – the practice of prayer.
Holy Spirit Ministry: resulting in the practice of the leadership and ministry of the Spirit.

We ask why pray? What is prayer as a daily practice for spiritual formation? Next week we look at the how of prayer: how do we actually pray… daily? Continue reading Following Jesus by the Practice of Prayer – Part One