Follow Dance of Love (6 teachings MP3 set)


Six talks of Alexander Venter introducing a comprehensive Discipleship Program for Christians, called HELP. The basic framework, Following the Dance of Love, is about ‘being’ Christian and ‘being’ Church through learning to love as God loves, by following Jesus, forming (being formed in) Christian community, and fishing the world for God

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These six talks introduce the foundational framework for a Discipleship Program that Alexander Venter is developing—covering the seven key dimensions of Christian growth to maturity (core course from 101 to 701). In Follow the Dance of Love Alexander explains the simple framework of our universal calling: Follow Jesus, Form (be formed in) Community, and Fish the World for God (talk one). These points are centered in God’s love—to love God and our neighbour as he loves us—embodied in the Perichoeresis (Dance of Love) of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (talk two). The remaining talks apply this paradigm to what it means to being Christian, being Church, in terms of laying out the basic disciplines and practices that will enable us to Follow Jesus (Intimacy with our dance Teacher), Form Community (Formation with our dance partners), and Fish the World (Taking the Dance outward to transform the world)


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