Bundle of ‘Praying The Psalms 1’ Teachings


A bundle of ‘Praying the Psalms 1’ teachings, a new series by Alexander Venter. ‘Learning to Pray’ is the first of a twelve week program of meditation exercises for individuals and small groups that enable you to not only pray, but to develop a life of prayer.


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Praying the Psalms is the first volume of a new series by Alexander Venter. The book ‘Learning to Pray’ will enable you to not only practice daily prayer, but also to develop a life of prayer. Designed for individuals and small groups, this twelve-week program imparts the tried and tested wisdom of the most ancient of prayer books: the Hebrew Psalter. The meditation exercises will uncover the rich treasures hidden in David’s prayers, making the psalms alive, relevant and personal. The book will be your own prayer journal in which you record your meditations in answer to the probing questions, psalm by psalm, verse by verse. As you work the psalm-prayers they will work you, transforming you into a living prayer of relational intimacy with God.

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