Foundations for Faith – Equipping for Life Series 101 (6 teachings MP3 set)


Six teachings is the first course in the HELP discipleship program, aimed at laying the foundations for Christian faith – the elementary principles of Christianity – for followers of Jesus

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Foundations for Christian Faith 101 introduces you to the basics of Christianity. The teachings help people who are new followers of Jesus to lay a good foundation in their relationship with God. But this album is also a good buy for existing Christians—it will clarify the elementary principles of your faith so that you can understand and communicate your faith clearly, and help new Christians to get started! Although the talks are based on the ‘elementary principles’ in Heb 6:1-3, Alexander gives a broad sweep of the Christian Story—which is His-Story:
God, humans and creation
Jesus and the Bible
Repentance and Faith
Christian initiation and Baptism
The Holy Spirit and Laying on of Hands
The Resurrection, Judgement and ‘going on to maturity’


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