Doing Healing: Six Dimensions of Healing (6 teachings MP3 set)


Alexander Venter presents six talks on how to receive divine healing in the six basic dimensions of human brokenness: spiritual, psycho-emotional, demonizations, physical, relational and in terms of death and dying

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The focus of these six teachings in on how to receive healing and wholeness from God in the six basic dimensions of human brokenness. Spiritual sickness and healing is about our spiritual capacity has human beings, our relationship with God, morality and character. Psycho-emotional brokenness is about healing past hurts, damaged emotions, bad memories, abuse, etc. Healing of demonisations is about deliverance from evil powers that oppress, torment and enslave us in the form of addictions, compulsions, irrational fears, etc. Physical healing is about healing organic and functional illnesses in our bodies. Relational sickness is our profound struggle and pain in broken relationships, and how we find healing through reconciliation and forgiveness. Healing death and dying is helping people to die well, to go through the death process with dignity and faith, and even be ready to raise a person back to life if God so prompts!


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