Doing Reconciliation: Racism, Reconciliation and Transformation in Church and World (Softcover)


Doing Reconciliation is about the theology and praxis of reconciliation and transformation in regard to all forms of racism, classism and sexism in all nations. It is grounded in Alexander’s story—and that of his black friend Trevor Ntlhola—in Apartheid South Africa, when they formed a reconciliation group of blacks and whites as a prophetic protest against injustice

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Doing Reconciliation is the inspiring and challenging story of a black man and white man in Apartheid South Africa. Trevor Ntlhola from the seething black city of Soweto, and Alexander Venter from the wealthy white city of Johannesburg, found each other, forming a reconciliation group called ‘Johweto’, a place of relationship and reconciliation, healing and justice, across the deep divides in South Africa. After their stories and brief history of apartheid and the miraculous change in South Africa in 1994, Alexander expounds a biblical theology of reconciliation and transformation in regard to racism, classism and sexism in society. Then lays out practical models of one-on-one and group reconciliation, and discusses a few global, and South African, socio-political ethical challenges, with practical proposals for reconciliation initiatives. The book includes an excellent 50 page Appendix on ‘Why focus on Human Rights?’ by Dr Derek Morphew

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