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A Call for a Week of Fasting & Prayer

We’re calling our church to a week of fasting and prayer in preparation for the launch of Following Jesus on Sunday 20 January @ 09h00 at the Vineyard Community Center.  We begin today Sunday 13th Jan and will end Saturday night 19th Jan.  Keep this page in your Bible to motivate and guide you this week in your personal prayer, in the two’s and three’s who pray together, and in our corporate praying (see below – try to make it!)

Why pray? 

To bathe the beginning of our journey as Following Jesus in prayer, in God’s presence. Without him we can do nothing. As Moses prayed, “If your presence is not with us, among us, leading us, then we will not go anywhere! What else distinguishes us from all other people except your Presence?” (Ex 33:15-16). This church is HIS church, we follow HIM – as revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, in his life and teachings, death and resurrection. Prayer is following God in Jesus – we pray in Jesus’ name. Prayer is invoking God’s Presence. Prayer is total dependence on God. Prayer is partnering God, waiting for his initiative in all things. Prayer is working with God in what HE is doing in our church and in the world around us. God calls us to become “A House of Prayer for ALL nations” (Is 56:7). This is where reconciliation and discipleship begins. We pray because it’s our only and ultimate means of entering and participating in the Trinity, in their conversing and working, by the indwelling interceding Holy Spirit (Rom 8:26-27 cf. Heb 7:25).   

Why fast?

By abstaining from (certain kinds of) foods, and even (certain kinds of) liquids, we “amplify” our groaning to God. Every time we feel hungry and weak, we’re reminded to cry out to God and pray for the issues listed below. By denying ourselves food we discipline our bodily appetites and turn them to God; e.g. take the time you’d use to prepare the meal and eat it, and give it to God in focused prayer. Fasting humbles us to live not by bread alone but by every word that comes from God (Deut 8:1-5). More so, fasting empowers prayer by confronting and defeating evil opposition (Lk 4:1-14). So decide before God what foods or meals or treats (even TV!) you can fast this week.

What to pray for?

1.     God’s Presence: Above all that God fills the gathering with an extraordinary visitation of his Presence, to bless the launch and to put his divine favor on Following Jesus.

2. Alexander’s leadership: The launch of Following Jesus is also my induction service. I desperately need and want God’s anointing and gifts as team leader, to guide the church into God’s calling and dream for us, to develop leaders and build teams, and facilitate the spiritual formation of our people and the growth of the church.

3. Church’s Mission: To pray for the meaning and fulfillment of God’s call on us – our reason for existence as a church – to follow Jesus and make followers of him from people of all nations, learning to live a life of love just as Jesus loved us. Pray that a) we will become fully devoted followers of Jesus, that b) God will bring those whom he is calling to join us in this journey, that we may form them into true followers of Jesus.

Times for corporate prayer and intercession at VCC in the main hall:  An hour of prayer every night from Monday to Friday from 19h00 to 20h00

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