A general overview of various products found and used this website. Please follow this simple guide if you have any questions, or else contact me using the online form


eBooks come in a variety of formats for use on various mobile and ereader devices, as well as personal computers. Get the app for your mobile device or download software on your desktop


ePub is available on mobile devices, or download Calibre for desktops

Mobi / Kindle

Mobi format can be read using Kindles eReader or software apps


PDF is standard on devices and desktops, using a browser or Adobe Reader


Find out more about the correct format for your device or reading software

Audio / Video

Digital audio player is a device or software that can play digital audio, such as CD and MP3 formatted music. Digital video is also found on a device or software like DVD, Flash movies / MPEG-4 / .H264 or online at Vimeo / YouTube


MP3s comes as a standard option on most devices and desktops


Soundcloud is social sound platform where anyone can listen and share 


Flash is standard on devices and desktops, using a browser or Adobe Flash


Find out more about the different solutions to watch video 

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